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Desperate times call for desperate measures, no? I haven’t had a paycheck in over a year and disability hasn’t been approved (everyone always asks) yet adulting is still a necessity lik…

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Medical Relief Fund For Gwyn

Help Gwen cover the costs of a new foot. 

After several surgeries over the last couple of years to remove blood clots, Gwen’s medical team had to amputate one of her feet to stop an infection. Shortly before the amputation, she was dismissed from her elementary school teaching job due to excessive medical absences (surgeries). 

When she was coming-to after the operation, Mom told me she was snarky as usual, and it was only a few hours before she adopted the flamingo as a sort-of mascot (since they like to stand on one leg). 

She is incredibly brave and strong about the whole situation, and I hope that this solicitation finds everyone whom she has blessed with her friendship over the years. Friends, share this with your friends, and parents of her students, share with other parents, and lets raise enough money to make a significant impact!

6 months without a paycheck, 8 months without a job. 

6 months living on one paycheck in a two paycheck world and watching every drop of savings disappear. 

So now Christmas is almost here and despite being almost ready for prosthetics two weeks ago I’m now to have another surgery. I was finally where I was allowed to leave the house and to where I could look for work, and now I’m back to waiting for surgery, not knowing what my leg will look like afterward, and unsure when I will be able to search for work for that elusive second paycheck. 

If you can find it in your heart in this season of giving to help, it would be greatly appreciated.




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