Cuban Art Exhibitions in Europe

Repeating Islands

Diana-Dartboard2017-ParasolUIn “Cuban Artists Invade Europe,” Cuban Art News explores exhibitions on view in Europe (Madrid, London, San Gimignano, Berlin, Lille, and Zurich) including works by Alexandre Arrechea, Carlos Garaicoa, and Los Carpinteros. [See original post for more images and other exhibitions going on in Cuba and the United States.]

Arrechea in Madrid. New drawings and sculptures by Alexandre Arrechea are on view in Higienópolis, running through next Friday, June 15, at Galería Casado Santapau.

Garaicoa in London. London’s Parasol Unit is hosting a major show by Carlos Garaicoa—his first in a public art space there. The show includes works from several series, including the tapestry-and-video installation Fin de silencio (End of Silence, 2010), Sin título (Alcantarillas) [Untitled (Manhole Covers), 2014], and Cerámicas Porno-indignadas (Porn-Outraged Ceramics, 2012–14). Through July 20.

And San Gimignano. Last week saw the opening of Garaicoa’s solo show at Galleria Continua’s space in San Gimignano…

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