I know

Megha's World

“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
― Pablo Neruda


I know from the wisdom 

passed on from generation

why family becomes your will to survive 

I know what miseries are

and what lesson they teach

from this topsy-turvy life

to reach the sky

I know from 

the scorching sun 

the parched earth

that it’s always 


by rain-bearing 


I know from the 

rose and its thorns

the more beautiful the soul is

the more difficult

is to occupy

I know from the scars 

in my life

they are the 

maps to follow for the 

fallen passerby

I know the trails 

and tribulations are 

nothing but a litmus test

for my soul to 

so  it can thrive

I know I have been through

defeats and deception

to sieve the friends 

from just another passerby

I know from the heartbreaks 

there are stops before 

you finally…

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