Repeating Islands

Tony-Capella-Mer-des-Caraïbes-1996Last March, MinoritART extended a call for papers for a second issue of Pratiques visuelles décoloniales, organized around the theme: “Colonialité esthéthique et art contemporain” [Decolonial Visual Practices, No. 2: Aesthetic Coloniality and Contemporary Art]. The deadline for submission of abstracts has now changed to June 24, 2018.

Introduction to MinoritART: The MinoritART research group is led by Eddy Firmin (artist and PhD candidate), Catherine Cosaque (who studies postcolonial tourism practices), Fred Laforge (artist and doctor of Arts Studies and Practices), and curator Cecilia Brackmort; Sarah Tchou (B.A. in Political Science and History of Art) is in charge of translation; and communications are led by Géraldine Entiope. Together, they form the reading and editing committee of the art space Réseau d’Études Décoloniales [Decolonial Studies Network].

Context and Dissemination of Texts—Pratiques visuelles décoloniales 2: The Francophone world has recently opened up to decolonial thinking. The journal CAL

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