Wish me no wish


This year on my birthday

It is midnight, standing under

stary sky i closed my eyes

full moon is blessing

Offering gratitude to the cosmos

another chance and life on moving


I closed my eyes and suddenly feel

vast quietness inside my heart

Mind is thoughtless

Nothing is left behind to wish

No regrets no desires are crying

Utterly peace is covering whispering silence stunningly

as i try to find still if something waiting behind and my feelings smiles

Opening eyes looking to the moon

I said to silence ‘ready to go whereas you want me to take forever ‘

A verdict from cosmic zone

Noone other than me could hear

no one might call because nothing is incomplete anymore

On this birthday i’m not counting age which is lost in time

Sweetly feeling filled up soul

By an unknown peace talks in air

By : LityMunshi

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