Loss. Unnecessary Loss.

I can not explain the feeling of total loss I am experiencing over the suicide of ANTHONY BOURDAIN. I am so puzzled by this feeling of loss because I didn’t actually like ANTHONY BOURDAIN. I watched his show one day, hated it, tried to watch it again and gave up. His brash almost rude attitude kinda turned me off. Well thats not true, it DID turn me off. Completely. He reminded me too much of Gordon Ramsey, whom I detest as a chef or a human being.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN was not as bad as Ramsey but close, in my unhumble opinion. So why do I feel such a deep raw loss when I think of ANTHONY BOURDAIN and his suicide?

This gentleman from Instagram, put it into words that hit me like a ton of bricks…..

@cigarconvo ” I’ve tried to figure out what to say about this this man since I woke up to the shocking news several days ago.
This man tells a story with such ease, interact with guests as though they’ve known each other and just catching up.
I try to mimic his style in telling the world about my love for cigars, cars, steaks and my interviews the way he does by asking really simple questions.
When he accepted the Peabody award in 2013 he said this, “We asked simple questions, “what makes you happy, what do you eat, what do you like to cook,” He’s the reason I went from eating my steak well done to telling the waiter or waitress how I’d like my steak cooked I I’d use one for two phrases, “Medium Raw” he coined in the title of his book.
Sadly, someone this famous has no idea they have touched you or me.
We all have issues no matter where we are in life, remember we are all human beings and money does not solve personal issues.
The world has lost another great story teller.

I’ve since watched several of ANTHONY BOURDAIN’S shows on CNN. I made a serious mistake, because ANTHONY BOURDAIN was drunk most of the time he was on air, because he was an alcoholic who battled daily against his many addictions. I was under the impression watching the 2 shows I did watch years ago, that he was just a drunk…… on air. He was battling addiction, the best way he knew how. 

Maybe I feel such a sense of loss because I judged ANTHONY BOURDAIN. Thats not me. Never judge another Human until you walk in their life.


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  1. People touch our lives in many different ways…and it’s not the frequency of encounters that elicits a feeling of loss when they’re gone, but rather the impact of their souls touching our ours. A wise master once said: ‘Our soul does not keep time; it merely records growth.” Hugs to you, my friend ❤


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