Wind Chime and my rhymes

The Poetic Elixir

Rustling of leaves,
Some soothing forest breeze
Pats the glass of my windows
Dripping with rains of sorrows

Wind speaks in voice of the Monsoon
Carrying me to the other world
Giving tunes to the lyrical boat
That are flowing wearing the summer coat

Cartridge of colours shivers in pain
Ink slips, and falls on paper in vain
Clumsy thoughts surrender to rhyme
As the forest air touches my wind chime

Pitter patter of raindrops,
Crippling natter of my thoughts,
Foliages of rustling leaves, falls on pages
Ink spread colours, painting stages

Voice of the woods synchronize
When stars on the windchime surmise
Leaving pain of nothingness
Fleeting in desires of righteousness

Windcatcher holds the dreams,
Dreamcatcher couldn’t catch
Singing a soothing melodies
Giving words to some of my tragedies.

©Sameera Mansuri 2018

Image source : Pinterest.

Out from the head of Vertebrates, inside complexity of compounds.😂

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