Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Tapping Some App

It’s National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.  Try this easy peanut butter cookie recipeand remember that without a certain amazing, talented, dedicated African-American hero, we probably wouldn’t be celebrating.


In the early twentieth century, southern U.S. farmers were facing nutrient-depleted soil, caused by years of cotton growing.

George Washington Carver wanted to find a solution for the farmers and settled upon the humble peanut.  Peanuts were not widely grown or used at the time.  The peanut plants would actually restore nutrition to the soil…but farmers didn’t know what to do with the bumper crop of peanuts they harvested.

Through diligent study, Dr. Carver found 300 practical uses for the peanut.

[note: I happen to have an affinity for the cookie use of the peanut.]

An orphan and self-made man, George Washington Carver has a unique story. The widespread use of the peanut is only one of his amazing contributions.


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