Heal The World…For All Mankind.

Sunsets Sunrise


This song should resonate in all of us but most especially all around the world.

One of my former professors asked each one of his student a looming question of who and what do you fear most? All of us pondered at the question. Some answered dying, some just sat quietly, some said politics. Well the question later was asked to me.

My answer to the professors question was I’m afraid of Human beings. Let me explain further. For you see as a nurse we humans are capable of loving, caring, hating, hurting, destroying and killing. Either we love each other or we hate one another. We are capable of destroying anything in our path. We hurt one another by words, looks or by thought. We’re capable of killing each other, animals and nature.

We judge each other by our ethnicity, gender, the color of our skin. God…

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