My Blogging Misconceptions 

Eva Harmoni

I thought blogging always corresponds to fame

There are really bloggers who mate it big time. There are people who are so famous back then even though i do not know what they do, and when I heard that all they blog, I immediately associated fame and blogging. I even concluded that one can’t refer oneself as a blogger if he/she is not famous. Excuse my ignorance!

I thought “blogger” is another word for a “social influencer”

Most bloggers write reviews, feature and promote a product, highlight and attend events so that their followers can see.. but once again, I was wrong. There really is more to a blogger than just being an advertiser. There is more to a blog than just being a website filled with ads.

I thought it is equivalent to having a great instagram feed

“Oh, she’s a blogger? What’s her instagram?” Back then i didn’t…

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