Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.3



So I spent my next few weeks playing with Haruno. She understands me and not pushy all the time like Reimi.

Time passes by quickly and I played with her for a month already. I never met Reimi for the past month too, so I forgotten about her.

Haruno: “Let’s play some mini golf today, I saw it in the lobby list just now.”

Me: “Yeah sure.”

We both teleported to the mini golf lobby.

Haruno: “Looks packed…”

Me: “It’s a new lobby after all. Why don’t we play something else?”

Haruno: “How about some pool? I never played pool in VR before, I want to try if there is any difference.”

Me: “Sure.”

We then teleported to the lobby.

Haruno: “This one is rather packed too…”

Me: “It’s the weekend after all. There is an empty pool table there, let’s go.”

We moved to the table, set the table…

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