With A Gaze

Juliet Rivor Poetry & Prose

I don’t ask you to give me roses or chocolates

Empty gesture this would be

All I ask for:

An enamored stare

That lets me decipher

All that your heart has felt the whole time

you were aware if its news

I won’t even ask you to comply and bemuse

I’ll be content

With a tender gaze

That’ll let me see

There’s no other woman you love

Or have loved

In the past or present

Like you do me

In this very moment

– Juliet Rivor © June 2018


Oops. I did it again. 🙈🙊😉

Can anyone say “100 fan over here”? 🙋‍♀️

This scene was beautiful, so I saved it and while working on a poem, this scene was in my head.

Because the way he looks at her – oh, my word – fits so well with the poem.

I’ve always said the eyes give the soul away…

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