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Hey everyone! I am finally back after over a month of (another) blog break. This little hiatus was very unexpected but I felt like it was what I needed to reorganize my vision and objectives for this blog. I felt like my posts for the past few months have been redundant, dull and unexciting which are the total opposites of what I envisioned this blog to become. Writing and creating contents also became a mere routine which slowly dried my motivation and creativity. At some point, I felt like I was just sharing posts to be visible but not to create or inspire. Sometimes, I would force myself to write which resulted to (in my opinion) a few less informative posts. I was fully aware of this but chose to ignore it thinking it will soon pass. I was obviously wrong. I started to lose pride in my works which I believe is very dangerous to any blog. How can I expect other people to like my writings if I am not satisfied with it myself? I know I needed to do something but I was clueless. I, of course, pretended that everything is going well but I know I had to change this mentality ASAP. I was unsuccessful so I knew I had to take a break. And so I did. I basically spent the past few weeks relaxing, reading and roaming. Although my workload did not help much, I was still able to use majority of my free time for myself which really helped me a lot. Last week, I revisited New York City for a few days to unwind after a stressful week at work and I had so much fun roaming around the city. The hectic vibe of the place was oddly very refreshing! I also enjoyed a few short trips to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival (and Popeyes!!) with my siblings. I personally love going on short trips because they kind of alleviate your mood even though you don’t have that much time to go on a longer vacation. Of course, eating out will be in the picture! I sometimes hate myself for eating so much because all my jeans no longer fit me but what can I do? Food is life! So after a few weeks, I am feeling refreshed and motivated than ever! I am so excited to start writing again and talking to you guys! This blog break helped me to gain fresh ideas for the blog and new lessons that I can hopefully share in the future. Thank you again and I’ll talk to you guys in my next post! xoxo,

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