The plate of peas part of writing

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Hi, Gang! Craig with you again, with another way to think about story. I used to talk about this with my children when it came to life choices. They hated it, but hopefully it will resonate better with you guys.

To do this, imagine you have a big old platter of peas–

What’s that? In the back? Olives? Yeah, I suppose. Make them Gummy Bears if you like, but you have a big old pile of them.

Every pea stands for one possibility within your story. When you start out you have one pea for every possibility there is. Now this is perfect for the daydreaming phase of writing, but eventually, you’re going to have to make a few decisions. In this example, it’s all about taking some peas off your plate.

If, for example, you have Katie grooming her horse, you may have already removed science fiction from the…

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