Where is your weak spot?

Kristina Gallo - Rebellious rules by Kristina Gallo


The way how we pass through obstacles shows the magnitude of our character. How we handle the burden, it depends on our strength. A human is not a machine, and every person owes weak spot.

So, when someone wants to hurt you, to use you or to make the fool from you, that person will hit you into your weak spots, weakest targets where you never expected the explosion.

Ahil was Greek hero, and accord a legend his weak spot was his feet. So when the arrow hit his feet,  Trojan prince Paris killed him. He knew about his weak spot.

When the conflict starts, our rival will try to find a weakness. It will be something you most care about and you can’t live without it. This means, your beloved treasure is your suicide bomb.

Be careful to protect your sensitive areas.

Which areas could be targeted?


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