Writing Course: Write Badly

A Creative PTSD Gal

I’ve decided to take a fiction writing course to help me along with my skills and to also better equip me to keep Fenton Friday’s alive and growing, hoping to capture more bloggers and artist to help him grow in his adventure. I finally reached my first writing prompt in my lecture and the instructor wants me to write badly. Prompt: Write a terribly long boring description about a character from the prompt list. I’m going to apologize now because I had to do this for ten minutes but it gave me an idea to help bring Fenton to life. You won’t offend me if you skip over to my idea for Fenton.

My Chosen Character: A Drunk (seen quite a few of these characters when tending bar)

I just got done wiping down the bar when a man walked in the back door. It was dark in the corner…

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