Day: July 3, 2018

New Summer Titles

  ⛱ #SummerReads ⛱ The Solemn Vow by Bree Dahlia Release: July 11th! #SecondChance #TillDeathDoUsPart 🌞Pre-Order Today 🌞 iBooks B&N Kobo Google Play ⛱ #SummerReads ⛱ The Gathering: The Ivy Blackw… Source: Some new titles to check out for the summer!!!

All Who Wander

  I am a wanderer, that is a solid truth. There was a time that I criticized myself harshly for my inability to stay in one place. For whatever reason, a new adventure or lust for excitement, I would… Source: All Who Wander Bracelet

Stop Justifying Your Feelings

  Ah, justifications! Too many, too little, who knows? Let’s be honest folks – We’ve all given justifications in our lifetime – sometimes necessary and required but most of the times, we go overboard with it, disproportionately, superfluously. Justification (in simple terms) means – explaining who you are, […]