From Light into Darkness ~ Jan Malique

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Beach at Llanddulas, North Wales, Jan Malique

The sunset on this evening triggered memories of attendance at my very first Silent Eye School workshop in 2015. It was entitled River of the Sun and set in ancient Egypt in a time leading up to the ascendance of Ramses II. Interwoven in this drama are traces of a pharaoh considered heretical by followers of the old gods, the man in question being the pharaoh Akhenaten. A name I’m sure many of you have heard of. His death is long gone by the time we enter a new chapter in the land of Khem (ancient Egypt). Although political intrigue and the pursuit of power are ever present themes throughout the long history of this land.

The hero of our drama is a young man named Amkhren, who has aspirations of entering the priesthood of…

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