Frontal lobotomy

Exploring the epiphany

I don’t need drinks today. I have found an old greasy postcard of a clown from North.
I remember him now and then in absence of blue bottles of wrinkled blues,
I think I am doing that now.
I remember him from his coupons, he used to get that from liquor stores…
you gather a certain number of them and you will get a beer for free…
He gave all of these to me you know before he shot himself and painted something immortal on the walls.
Crazy fucker…I went on to get us some good layered rum and he went on without drinking a single drop…
I guess it’s true that alcohol kills people but mostly it stops them from killing themselves,
he knew that.
This old postcard and those coupons all I am left with,
and yes a fuel filling station where he first introduced me to a…

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