Maybe Tomorrow


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Paul Gustave Fischer (1860 – 1934) ‘In The Train Compartment’

Maybe Tomorrow Everyone smiles as you pass, your laugh a gentle therapy. No one ignores you. Three seats down, side on if only I could catch your eye, just for me, just once. Your energy, your hair, that, yes, that curve ... My pulse is crowding my temples. My lungs are drawing in fire. Surely I will cease to exist if I can't speak your name. Someone speaks ... My mind is lost, floating. "What?" "Is that seat taken?" "Oh, no, no ... Leave me alone with my thoughts, don't even breathe. My heart races, surely I am exposed I'm giddy, drunk. But she looks elsewhere out the window like yesterday. I exhale sharply as you leave, again. The train doors roll shut. Love retreats down platform nine. Maybe tomorrow…

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