White People: Stop Calling The KKKops.


There seems to be a disturbing trend these days, whereby people with pale skin, on seeing a person with darker skin anywhere in their vicinity, think it is best to call for the police.  The first t…

Source: Stop Calling the Cops!!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this one, JB. I am so sickened by all of this … so damn tired of it. We are going backward and at this point, if we cannot get beyond the colour of a man’s skin, then perhaps the ‘human experiment’ ought to fail, perhaps the human race doesn’t deserve to survive. We could all work together and find solutions to climate change, food insecurity, water shortages, and the nuclear threat. But NO … instead we keep vilifying people because of nothing more than skin colour, gender, religion, ethnicity … I’m TIRED OF IT! Hugs, my good friend!


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