Good Morning.

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I woke up and I thought of you

Missing you like I didnt just see you a few hours ago.

I’m selfish as fuck.

But I’m good with sharing for now.

I love the way that you hug me.

I love the way that you want me.

I love that youre pacing, not running.

You make me love mornings.

Cause when the kids are snoring,

and as the weather’s warming,

we watch the sky exchange blues

as the sun joins the moon

and the birds sing their tune

and old ladies start walking

our puppy starts barking

we just sit there talking

and nothing could better in that moment.

You make me feel like I’m not lonely.

Cause you be understanding where I’m going

when I’m rambling about

things that would usually have me choking

If you were anybody else.

Anxiety dont exist with you.

You’re easy to listen to.

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