I stumbled upon you

annie scribes

I stumbled upon you when I was an abandoned soul. I remember being so captivated by the openness of your heart, I was ready to undress mine and spill it all.

Time seemed to freeze when your fingers brushed against my cheek. Cupping my face in the palms of your hands, you let me explore your eyes, the deepest blue I’d ever seen.

I felt your breath on my neck, steady yet rushed, and I was a page surrendering to exquisite pen dancing above me, impatiently waiting to be drenched in ink.

For once, you became more than fleeting shadows in a dream. Our fingers entangled, limbs entwined, hearts beating as one. For once I could reach out and touch the shell of your soul—my world, in the flesh.

Traversing your core, I wondered what tomorrow would bring. What of the void in your absence? Now that I…

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