Day: July 9, 2018

Cry Me a River

  One fine day I thought of the ocean And it’s myriad waves Gently rollicking Sometimes frolicking They had no cry nor care A timeless rhythm In a thankless chasm Bound to tread for eternity Fr… Source: Cry Me a River Advertisements

Last Burger On Earth

  Hey everyone! I hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend? It’s been a while that I have written about my travel antics and reviews on restaurants and eating joints. Ah, the scorching summers!!! *huffs and puffs* Well thankfully the “Weather Gods” took some mercy and it rained this weekend, instilling […]

Startled Heartbeat

Originally posted on Storm of Ink:
Feeling the rough skin An adorable laugh Staring into a innocent child Unexplainable love Treated like a jungle gym Playing and tickling Looking into glorious eyes Stepping into imitations Watching a journey turn Difficult but priceless Finally seeing strength Within your tiredness…