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Mr. Militant Negro

I am an angry Sicilian, African, Corsican, & Pawnee Indian Male, who has a nasty attitude, an evil disposition, and an ornery and opinionated character. I guess you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man In America.
I am not a writer, or one who cares about grammar, punctuation, or if what I write sounds pretty. I am an ObamaCrat. I am not a Liberal, nor am I a Progressive, or Democrat, or Left Wing anything. I am not an Independent, or a TeaPubliCANT, I am an ObamaCrat. As such this POTUS has my support 500%, and yes, I follow him blindly….you don’t agree, so what? That is your opinion, and exactly like assholes, we all have an opinion….I just get to write about mine, and publish it everywhere. You wish to do that….start a web site.

Today’s Best Articles: March 27th, 2017

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