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The Militant Negro

I am an angry Sicilian, African, Corsican, & Pawnee Indian Male, who has a nasty attitude, an evil disposition, and an ornery and opinionated character. I guess you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man In America.
I am not a writer, or one who cares about grammar, punctuation, or if what I write sounds pretty. I am not political anymore. Obama let me down and disappointed me greatly. So I moved from the USA and have given up on all politicians. PERIOD. This blog's focus is now and forever The ARTS.

I am dedicated to promoting Artist, Poets, Writers, Authors, Dancers, Musicians, Singers. ANYone who has a talent and blogs about that talent. Art is what might possibly save this planet. I still work as a Social Justice Warrior and will continue to post things about Social Justice.


Piles of Paper

  I’m written on Sometimes I’m wasted I’m typed on Sometimes I’m abused I can be in different colors Sometimes I’m crinkled I’m different sizes Sometimes I’m over used I’m made into an airplane Somet… Source: Piles of Paper

good good

Originally posted on Daffniblog:
I imagine myself in a backyard under the moon and spread thin in a lawn chair with sunglasses and a cocktail and an elephant handing me peanuts with his trunk. I should be worried about much larger matters. Maybe I should even be more…