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The Militant Negro

I am an angry Sicilian, African, Corsican, & Pawnee Indian Male, who has a nasty attitude, an evil disposition, and an ornery and opinionated character. I guess you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man In America.
I am not a writer, or one who cares about grammar, punctuation, or if what I write sounds pretty. I am not political anymore. Obama let me down and disappointed me greatly. So I moved from the USA and have given up on all politicians. PERIOD. This blog's focus is now and forever The ARTS.

I am dedicated to promoting Artist, Poets, Writers, Authors, Dancers, Musicians, Singers. ANYone who has a talent and blogs about that talent. Art is what might possibly save this planet. I still work as a Social Justice Warrior and will continue to post things about Social Justice.


Jordan Davis Timeline

Originally posted on Courts & Sports:
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Jordan’s News & Upcoming Events: February 3rd, 2014 – Starts the Criminal Trial SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Jordan’s Parents Donation Website WALK WITH JORDAN: Jordan’s Legacy Journey Lucy McBath Testifies before Congress on Stand Your Ground Laws November 22nd – Memorial Service – Atlanta,…

Kevin Hart/Ice Cube Comedy “Ride Along” Scores Rare 3rd Straight Top Box Office Finish With $12.3 Million

GOOD BLACK NEWS Continuing its high-flying ride at the domestic box office, Universal’s stalwart holdover Ride Along posted its third straight weekend victory, estimating $12.3 million for a Stateside cume of $93 million and counting.  The Super Bowl weekend’s only two wide releases — Focus Features’ That Awkward Moment and […]

Dylan Farrow

  By Jueseppi B.   After over two decades of silence, Dylan Farrow has spoken out about the alleged inappropriate touching her father, Woody Allen, had done to her at the age of 7.  Now 28 and happily married, Farrow has spoken out via an open letter published […]