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  1. I think it is your Bday today? was reading something like that at Dr Rex blog? Well Happy Bday from Holland my friend. Always interesting posts at your blog I hope you will keep them comming for a long time hereafter. So, as the Dutch say:Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag (congrats with your birthday)


  2. Well dang! I’m not on your list of faves anymore..Pfft..Finally had time to sift through a couple of sites on my faves list. How do you get my latest if I’m not on your sites that you follow? All of your posts & re-blogs hit my reader..But I am still learning WordPress..If theres another way please share


    • I have subscribed to receive your blog post the second you post….I have not added a new blog to my blogroll in years…I don’r even think I’m going to keep that tab, I have something else to put there as soon as I get time to change that blogroll tab. How is your Sunday?


      • Ahhh ok good to know..Then my feelings aren’t hurt ..Sunday on this end has been easy and relaxed..I’m over the worst of the flu bug and headed back to work tomorrow..Off and running into a very busy week..And how is your Sunday? Is it cold there? We had a cold snap here with rare lows of 39 and today back up to 80s..Prime type of odd weather for people to get colds..Making me miss the consistency of no winter weather back in Cali


      • I have the weather channel so I can keep up with the weather. My Sunday is good…nothing exciting for me.


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