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A Historic Day For Our Judiciary.

              A Historic Day for Our Judiciary   This morning, the Senate confirmed three federal judges. On the one hand, they are not unique; like all of the President’s judges and judicial nominees, they have the necessary intellect, experience, integrity, and temperament. […]

The Last 24™

              The Last 24™, In Case You Missed It.     Some news from the Twitterverse…….     Retweet if you think it's time to act on the student loan debt crisis. #DegreesNotDebt — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) June 12, 2014   […]

And The Twitterverse Says……….

  By Jueseppi B.   Add your name if you stand with President Obama and aggressive action on climate change. — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) June 2, 2014   It's a race! #HappyNationalRunningDay #LetsMove — White House Archived (@ObamaWhiteHouse) June 4, 2014   Happy […]