Heart-Healthy Foods

  One of the easiest ways to transition to heart-healthy eating (let’s not call it a diet, okay?) is using a food replacement strategy. And in this article, I’ll be sharing five replacements you can make. Pick one as your starting point, or say yes to them all. […]

Avoid Low-Fat Diet Plans

  For far too long most of us have relied on health officials — and they get things wrong. And many times they’re slow to admit it. It’s time “we the people” were more informed about health matters and stopped relying blindly on what the doctor or some […]

Thank You

Sometimes I get so busy in a day that I neglect to say thank you to each and every one who says thank you to me, to all the magnificent WordPress bloggers who make it impossible for me to seriously consider leaving WORSTPRESS and self host,….. on days […]


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I have NO clue what this testimonial stuff is or is all about but I thought I’d add one……. just because.

  1. a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.
    • a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.
      synonyms: recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb

      “a glowing testimonial”
    • (in sports) a game or event held in honor of a player, who typically receives part of the income generated.
      “the Yankees held a testimonial day for Gehrig

    Hell I have no clue where it even show up on my blog.

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