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“We are lost.” * It is a new beginning, an adaptation of my old fantasy novel, unearthed under mounds of verbal dirt. My writer’s brain grew. My editing skills sharpened. Like a painter learning a new medium, I have cultivated my storytelling skills…

Anti-Fascists Also Known As: AntiFa.

From The Urban Dictionary.Com: Antifa Short for (militant) anti-fascists. Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views. Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and […]


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. Party  .  . Rake the light,               I am alone upon this distant stone. I drum my plea, no good for love               or beds of needed warmth. I lose because I am not in need               of protection any more, because…

My Striking Pen

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Is my pen led astray? Or just having its way? two line strikes and those “rich green, carpet of flowing grasslands” become “verdant meadows” Ideas morph in the margins the chrysalis cracks under the weight of my rolling, ballpoint pen NOW “the welcoming…