All Lives Matter Bitch!…You Can Lick it…Just Don’t Bite It…Regarding Police Brutality

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Police officers, are representative of the microcosm of fellow, infallible, and less than perfect human beings that inhabit this planet. Like most of U.S.-most of THEM…are decent people, that leave their homes on a daily basis…similar squirrels…stowing away Benjamin’s nuts in the…


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I have NO clue what this testimonial stuff is or is all about but I thought I’d add one……. just because.

  1. a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.
    • a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.
      synonyms: recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb

      “a glowing testimonial”
    • (in sports) a game or event held in honor of a player, who typically receives part of the income generated.
      “the Yankees held a testimonial day for Gehrig

    Hell I have no clue where it even show up on my blog.

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