Empty Bellies

Originally posted on Mindset Overload:
When most people think of hungry children they immediately picture the starving children of Africa.  They don’t picture children in America hungry, but many go to bed hungry because their parents can’t afford to feed them.   I find this incredibly disturbing and…

“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘Arizona Domestic Abuse Victims Are Dying By Gunshot At Twice The National Rate’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
‘Even those who are prohibited from possessing guns have no problem buying them in Arizona. Firearms can be easily purchased at gun shows, through unlicensed dealers, and over the Internet without a background check’. ‘Women in Arizona are dying at…


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I have NO clue what this testimonial stuff is or is all about but I thought I’d add one……. just because.

  1. a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.
    • a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.
      synonyms: recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb

      “a glowing testimonial”
    • (in sports) a game or event held in honor of a player, who typically receives part of the income generated.
      “the Yankees held a testimonial day for Gehrig

    Hell I have no clue where it even show up on my blog.

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