HuffPost Morning Email: May 16th, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: Breaking down Trump’s reported classified disclosure to the Russians. By Lauren Weber Tuesday, May 16 TRUMP REPORTEDLY REVEALED HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION DURING MEETING WITH RUSSIAN OFFICIALS President Donald Trump allegedly discussed information that “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State,” according to The Washington Post during […]

10 Things To Know: May 16th, 2017

From The Week.Com: 10 Things To Know:  1. Reports: Trump revealed classified information to Russian diplomats President Trump revealed highly classified information in his meeting with Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, and Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, and provided details that could expose the source of […]

HuffPost Politics: May 15th, 2017

HuffPost Politics: Trump just drastically undercut global abortion rights. Trump Drastically Expands ‘Global Gag Rule’ On Abortion President Donald Trump’s administration announced the details Mondayof the president’s unprecedented international anti-abortion policy, which drastically expands the “global gag rule” that past Republican presidents have placed on U.S. health assistance funds. The gag rule, also […]

Today’s Best Articles: May 15th, 2017

From The Week.Com: Today’s Best Articles: The leakiest White House ever. PAULWALDMAN Why this is the leakiest White House in history HARRY J.KAZIANIS The astronomical cost of asking China to restrain North Korea JEFFSPROSS Are Senate Republicans planning to replace ObamaCare with … ObamaCare? LILILOOFBOUROW How Better Call Saul […]

HuffPost Morning Email: May 15th, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: What the global cyberattack could mean for you. By Lauren Weber Monday, May 15 POST-CYBERATTACK, MONDAY COULD BE ROUGH “U.S. and European officials scrambled to catch the culprits behind a massive ransomware worm that caused damage across the globe over the weekend, stopping car factories, hospitals, shops […]

A Candle Lit

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a candle lit they made too much of it it was nothing little flicker casting wimpy shadows in a dark room filled with the hot air that critics naysayers and waylaying souls all breathe like wing-clipped, impotent dragons fresh from fire gland removal…