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what does a ban say on a sunny Easter Day THAT starving children, the moaning human refuse collected for posterity in refugee wastelands must starve WHILE sheltered youth, plump and spoiled dressed in pressed watercolors not junk yard soiled are allowed free run…

Today’s Best Articles: April 17th, 2017

From The Week.Com HARRY J.KAZIANIS The North Korea nightmare DAMONLINKER Rise of the hawks MICHAEL BRENDANDOUGHERTY Why Trump’s media magic ran out PAULWALDMAN Trump still hasn’t made one consequential deal. Not one. MONEYTIPSSTAFF Last-minute ways to lower your tax bill LAURABOGART The Leftovers‘ shocking season 3 premiere LAURABOGART […]

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From The Week.Com; Most Popular Weekly Articles:  MICHAEL BRENDANDOUGHERTY The Bannon irony DAMONLINKER D.C.’s war madness KIMBERLYALTERS President Trump tells Maria Bartiromo he decided to bomb Syria while eating ‘the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake’ PETERWEBER Colleagues of Devin Nunes have now seen his ‘unmasking’ intelligence. They’re […]

In The Deep

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In the soil, deep down in flowered pots Before the small pebbles and compost rot The shredded papers begin their decline. ? Digging, digging, digging a hole to plant New flowers I have chosen to supplant All those buried and shredded thoughts…