Things You Must Know

  By Jueseppi B.               Judge dismisses Zimmerman’s recusal request SANFORD, Fla. –   Judge Kenneth Lester has dismissed the recusal request filed by George Zimmerman in his second-degree murder trial. In his ruling, Lester denied the motion as legally insufficient.   […]

Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. Spits Truth At NAACP. Romney Just Spits.

By Jueseppi B.               Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. (pronunciation: /ˈdʒoʊsɨf rɒbɨˈnɛt ˈbaɪdən/; born November 20, 1942) is the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, serving under PresidentBarack Obama. A Democrat, he was a United States Senator from Delaware from January 3, 1973 until his resignation on January 15, 2009, following his election to the […]

Things You Should Know….

By Jueseppi B.                   Without GOP, Unemployment Would be Under 6%   By Blue Mark | Sourced from DailyKos      The GOP has been on an economic wrecking mission ever since the election of Barack Obama – indeed we now know that leading Republican […]

What Makes A Republican A RepubliCANT?

By Jueseppi B.           The Republican Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party. Founded by anti-slavery expansion activists in 1854, it is often called the GOP (Grand Old Party), although the rival Democratic Party is older. Eighteen US presidents have been […]