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Today’s Best Articles: June 16th, 2017

Today’s Best Articles: Trump confirms: ‘I am being investigated’. SIMONMALOY Special Counsel Mueller is now following the money. Trump should be terrified. BECCASTANEK 7 stunned reactions to Trump confirming he’s being investigated LILILOOFBOUROW How America lost interest in the Cosby trial RYANCOOPER America has a corruption problem. And it’s […]

The Week’s Most Popular Articles

From The Week.Com: Week’s Most Popular Articles:  SCOTTLEMIEUX Comey’s revenge JEVALANGE This is why Trump is buried in scandals, Art of the Dealghostwriter explains NOAHMILLMAN Will the military turn on Trump? BECCASTANEK Donald Trump Jr. implies the Comey memo is true PETERWEBER Fox News scandal spreads, reportedly touches […]

10 Things To Know: April 15th, 2017

From The Week.Com: 10 Things To Know:  1. North Korea parades military might for founder’s birthday North Korea on Saturday celebrated the birthday of the regime’s founding president, Kim Il Sung, with a massive parade in Pyongyang flaunting its intercontinental and submarine-based ballistic missiles, along with tanks, planes, […]

Museum And National Lynching Memorial

The Equal Justice Initiative Announces Plans to Build Museum and National Lynching Memorial MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA – The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) plans to build a national memorial to victims of lynching and open a museum that explores African American history from enslavement to mass incarceration. Both the museum and memorial […]

The Good News Newsletter: Week Two

From The Week.com: 1. After decades living apart, 5 elderly siblings reunite under one roof After spending their early years together, four elderly sisters and their brother are living together once more, this time at a Massachusetts retirement community. “We all have different health problems and medical appointments […]

Why Register Green.

Why Register Green 1. Registering to vote as a Green is a commitment to building an institution to fight for the world you want. Party affiliation doesn’t begin and end with one election. 2. The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party is, and the […]