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  I’ve never been someone who makes a fuss over Valentine’s Day, but last year it just happened to be the day I got my contraceptive device removed. My partner and I had wine with dinner—what I plann… Source: Expecting


Today CHILDREN walked out of classes the world over to protest school massacres and the ADULTS who do jack shit to stop mass shootings in our schools. #Children lead us while #Adults suck ass. #RememberThe17 pic.twitter.com/n4FOFZxdrl — ❌MrMilitantNegro™❌ (@MrNegroMilitant) March 15, 2018 Read All About The National School […]


  Forgiven . As a child I wanted to be many things.  First, I dreamed of digging for dinosaur bones, then my attention shifted from the Earth to the moon and stars. Yes, I thought I would become an a… Source: Forgiven