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Happy Columbus Discovered An America That Was Already Discovered By Native Americans Day!!

  By Jueseppi B.     White House Tweets  – October 14, 2013   Assistance for America‘s small businesses is in jeopardy because of the #TeaPartyShutdown. #EnoughAlready pic.twitter.com/1IlRdlX9g3 — OFA (@OFA) October 14, 2013   If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. Organizing For Action #EnoughAlready pic.twitter.com/dDC1oK6Y8M — […]

It Should Be A No Brainer. Instead it’s Just NO

By Jueseppi B.                 no–brainer (plural no-brainers) An easy or obviousconclusion, decision, solution, task, etc.; something requiring little or no thought. Below are 3 examples of how our government takes a no brainer and turns it into a NO   1). House rejects Senate transportation bill with procedural vote. Published: […]