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The Twitter Storm™

    DO NOT ask Americans to fight for foreign freedoms when Americans are NOT free in America. @BarackObama pic.twitter.com/mRV8u6btPX — N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S.™ (@MrMilitantNegro) September 11, 2014   The MilitantNegro™ SoapBox: Dumbfuckery; The NFL & Roger Goodell Are Under Investigation. http://t.co/r6ErvryqcJ pic.twitter.com/sR7XVUBWTM — N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S.™ (@MrMilitantNegro) September 12, 2014   Black […]

The Last 24™

Ferguson city council, woman rushes the stage in protest!   FERGUSON Mo. (Reuters) – City leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, confronted demands for reform from an angry crowd on Tuesday night at their first public meeting since last month’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white […]

History: The Word Nigger

  By Jueseppi B.         Seems since an NFL player used the word nigger during an altercation with a Black security guard at some concert a few days back, the word nigger has moved to the forefront of conversation. Again.   Nigger – Wikipedia Nigger is a noun in […]

Head Trauma In The NFL

By Jueseppi B.             If you knew playing a sport would cause you memory loss, dementia, loss of common sense and sense of direction, and eventually lead you to Alzheimer’s like symptoms and even suicide, would you allow your children or yourself to play that […]

NFL Bounty’s & The Punishment

By Jueseppi B.       Time to step back from politics and the racist slaughter of a young Black male and address the N.F.L. That’s The National Football League to those who don’t know….now you know.   The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, widely dubbed Bountygate, was an incident in […]