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It’s Just June

June Holidays and Observances JUNE 01, 2016 FEATURED, HOLIDAYS At Page-A-Day, we don’t just want to bring you beautiful, amazing calendars—we also want to help you fill them too! Check out all the exciting holidays and observances coming up in June. First, and foremost, the holiday you want […]

Time’s up

  “I am small. So are stars from a distance. It’s all a matter of perspective.” ― C. Kennedy, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons Accusations, I have heard many insults you have hurled some You hav… Source: Time’s up


  The windows gave no warning Of the madness kept inside She walked in silence, mourning Searching for the soul who died Wandering about, unknowing She was quite simply an aberration A mind filled wi… Source: Condemned ~ #MayWriting #poetry #dark

The Oath

  Her eyes were flooded with tears as she had lost her childhood years. Adolescence welcomed her with a smile to transform that cute girl into a nubile young lady. It was her first menstruation so sh… Source: The Oath