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Opera Erotica: Life After Phantom.

Samantha Stevens: Life After Phantom, Opera Erotica. Life After Phantom will take you on a riveting journey that is Opera Erotica at its finest…with luscious love scenes that are detailed and explicit, sensual and mouthwatering, guaranteed to please…but don’t be fooled. This story is much more than that! The character originally created by […]

Time’s up

  “I am small. So are stars from a distance. It’s all a matter of perspective.” ― C. Kennedy, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons Accusations, I have heard many insults you have hurled some You hav… Source: Time’s up


  The windows gave no warning Of the madness kept inside She walked in silence, mourning Searching for the soul who died Wandering about, unknowing She was quite simply an aberration A mind filled wi… Source: Condemned ~ #MayWriting #poetry #dark