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Cali Lili Indies™ Talks About Her Film “eVe N’ god™” With TVStoreOnline Blog

eVe n’ god™ this Female is Not Yet Rated™ #LGBT #ProChoice #BlackLivesMatter #Women #StartWith1Thing Published on Feb 25, 2014 Cali Lili Indies™ Pictures Words Music In Motion™FeMt0™Studi0 VenusBeach™Cutting Edge Of The Pacific™ Support The Arts ; SusTainTheARTist™ https://twitter.com/CaliLiliIndies http://instagram.com/calililiindies https://www.facebook.com/Cali.Lili. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/calilili Welcome To My Film + Music Studio […]


The Last 24™

Dr. Biden at SXSWedu: Let’s Ensure Education Is Accessible, Affordable, and Attainable for All Americans Dr. Jill Biden March 10, 2015 07:41 PM EDT Dr. Biden discusses strategies for student success at Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida. March 9, 2015. (by Aaron Daye) Yesterday, with Under Secretary of […]


Net Neutrality Prevails In Historic FCC Vote.

Net Neutrality Prevails In Historic FCC Vote. Internet Is Now A Utility Under Title II of the Communications Act. From Huffington Post By Dana Liebelson  dana.liebelson@huffingtonpost.com WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to approve strong net neutrality rules in a stunning decision, defying vocal, months-long opposition by telecom and […]


The Last 24™

The Employment Situation in January Jason Furman February 06, 2015 09:30 AM EST With today’s strong employment report, we have now seen eleven straight months of job gains above 200,000—the first time that has happened in nearly two decades. We are also seeing nominal wage growth exceed the […]

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Weed Laws State By State.

Weed laws by state Published on Jan 6, 2015 What happens if you’re caught with marijuana? It depends on where you are. CNN’s Chris Boyette breaks down pot laws and how they vary per state Legality of cannabis by U.S. state The use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation […]


Now Time For Some Dumbfuckery: Operation American Spring Promises To Drive President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, From Office This Friday.

By Jueseppi B.     This is the funniest shit since that fiasco of truckers planning to bring Washington, D.C. to a complete halt by jamming up the city…wait, maybe this is dumber.     From The Raw Story….   Self-styled revolutionary patriots plan to converge on Washington, […]

Main Stream Media Is NOT Reporting On The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) Surge Or The 6.5 Million Total Enrollment = Reich Wing Media Blackout.

  By Jueseppi B.   From The New York Times:   The ACA Surge Blackout   By PAUL KRUGMAN   Update: And the 4th-ranking Republican in the Senate is already accusing the administration of cooking the books. I really think the possibility that the ACA might actually work never occurred […]