I’m reblogging this for obvious reasons….racism needs to be “outed” and exposed for the moronic ideology that it is. Secondly….I love to watch a stupid ass caucasian girl explain racism to the world. Check out The Intellectual Sistah….she has it going on!

The Ramblings of an Intellectual Sistah

Hello World!

These young ladies are the future.As you watch the video keep in mind that they are talking about “niggers” and not the generalized term of “black people”–still flabbergasted that they had the audacity to say such.

Parents you have to talk with your children about race relations early. This right here is NOT acceptable, at all. Also, you have to watch what you, their parents, say in front of them; believe it or not, the kids are listening.

I wonder if these girls have ever seen an episode of Teen Mom on MTV…hmm. Yes, some Black kids don’t graduate, but hey, some Whites/Asians/Latinos do not, either.

The real answer is to work together to curb these instances rather than mock, ridicule, and rant against each other.

Woe is the future …

~Peace, Blessing & Growth~

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  1. Humm my first thought is “ok she’s 14 and very much feels she is correct in her way of thinking.” However she arrived at her thought pattern, she is very comfortable with herself and expressing her thoughts openly in this very free-spirited way. Now we all know that’s her right to do so, however what I see here from a parents prospective, is a young girl with possible little to no strong parental guidance or maybe oversight, who is heading down the fast-track of a potentially very dangerous and deadly road.
    The Internet is so widespread, viral and instantaneous, I am afraid that before these girls parents may even realize what and how their girls are engaging with the free world outside of their little town they speak of, it could be sadly too late.
    There is no way in hell I would knowingly allow my child to play this game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded 45 to her head! I know this is not the point most would probably speak on from this video, but age matters. These girls are still young and bright enough to be turned around into smart, productive and caring young adults, IF and that’s the big factor IF somebody somewhere cares enough to call attention to them and STOP them dead in their tracks, with some cold hard facts of how fast their life could be ended by playing this real life game of self destruction, while I am almost certain that they are oblivious to the fact that they have now made themselves pawns in play in this Game called life! Jus my 5cents

    Jueseppi, what an enlightenment, you find the some of the most informative items, great find.


      • Ahhh we have to hope she makes it to live that long. A 10 year old girl just died after a fight on break during school, apparently went back made it thru school, went home felt bad, rushed to hospital died trauma to the head… These girls are online and their fire spitting words to some other young or not so young people are like Sarah Palin’s word to that young loon who shot and injured Gabby and her worker along with killing 9 others….If these girls keep up what their doing for too long…I don’t see 19 in their future in this heated racial electoral climate we still have like a year to go through..


      • Shelley,
        I feel sorry for her and all her friends. Maybe some day they all will realize their words make them out to be more stupid than anything.


    • The real problem Michelle is she is very young, and she was taught to think the way she thinks. No human emerges from the womb thinking racist thoughts. Every new born baby comes into this world with a clean mind, heart & soul. They are taught to be racist & evil. So the blame actually goes right to her parents and adult influences.


      • Yes, this is very true. However, there is still a sense of self-responsibility. My parents were born in the mid-1920’s, rural Indiana, and in a very white area of the state. Simply because of the way the world was when they were growing up and even into their adult years, they were racist. Although not hateful, like the child in this video, they were products of the environment they grew up in. I remember one time, when I was about 16, they made a rather rude and close-minded statement about a black man staying as a guest at our neighbors next door. It was that statement alone that made me promise to myself to never, ever judge anybody on the color of their skin, their background, and so on.

        Although I will say, most people do grow up as a product of their environment, especially with the values (good or bad) instilled unto them by their parents. It takes an independent person and thinker to break away from the path of following and expand out to explore an incredible world of diversity and embrace it rather than fear and hate it. Most people follow. I’m not perfect, nor is anyone for that matter, but I am grateful that I am a free-thinker. The world is a much more wonderful place because of that.

        I love my parents dearly, and they passed years ago. I have no hatred for their racism as it was just ignorance. Their ignorance actually opened up my mind and set a foundation for which I have followed my whole life.


      • Michelle,
        Education and awareness of change from what is wrong to what is right is what 2012 is all about. Your parents were born and raised in an era when racism didn’t exist based on being racist against people different was the acceptable norm, even for people of color. Once people of color made it known they were not going to accept being discriminated against or that they were going to fight racism, and the U.S. legal system enacted laws to prevent racial discrimination…then it became time to change, rethink racial ideology. This young woman, and her parent(s), are vastly different from the times when caucasians were just plain ignorant of the Black experience. Today’s racist knows that is/her racist mindset is total bull shit. With the numerous accomplishments of people of color, including the Presidency, how can a caucasian person feel they are a superior race? When you get right down to it, this young caucasian woman was saying her race is superior to the Black American…which we all know to be straight bull shit, and untrue.

        Forgive me for rambling.


      • That is true. To compare now to when my parents grew up is much different. This young brat is nothing but hate on top of ignorance. No one is superior to anyone else. No one. Not in race, not in intelligence, not in money, and so on. We may be all different from one another, and think differently, but there is no superiority. We are all equal, bleed red blood, are born and die. Ugh, I so despise racism – and I have never experienced it from any other point of view than my own (obviously – can’t change my race). I.. I… just have come to a lose of words. Sorry. I think you understand what I’m getting at though. I just wish it would all go away.


      • Yes I do understand. I understand all too well. So relax, take a deep breath and don’t get upset. Good loving warm sensible people will win this war.


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