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  1. Hi, Jueseppi!

    Thank you for reblogging. The photos gives me a break from all the hate and spitefulness coming from the right. And I love your hello graphic. Too cute. I’m saving it!🙂


    • I need some escape from the hate and anger I carry around inside over this slaughter of this young Black man. I try to be versatile in what I blog about but it ain’t happened. I am attempting to deal with this in an educated level but fear I should get ghetto.

      I love this hello & welcome graphic….I got it from this site…. http://www.allgraphics123.com/comments/hello/ they have all types of greeting, but I choose this one because the WP theme I picked has two sidebars, and I am so into balance, but with two sidebars you’re limited as to the width of things you can use in the widgets, so I went for something that would fit in my sidebar and not run off the side of the page border.

      Of course save it and use it….he/she is cute. Without you wonderful people here in the bloggersphere, I’d probably go after George Zimmerman.


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