The Robert Leone Story. Worse Than The Late Rodney King?

By Jueseppi B.




This is the mug shot taken when Mr. Robert Leone finally made it to the county jail on March 11th, 2010




Could there have been a worse beating than the one sustained by the late Rodney King? I wouldn’t say worse because all forms of Police Brutality are disgusting but the narrator of the only video I could find says so. He also doesn’t mind self-promoting his book instead of just telling the story.


Anyway grueling as the narrative is to listen to, he does paint a pretty accurate depiction of the events with the help of the dash cam footage.


Here is the story of Robert Leone, a Bi-Polar man who had just completed a year of sobriety who was just on his way home when these events changed his life forever.


This case involves a New York State resident operating his car just across the border from his New York home in Pennsylvania. His name is Robert Leone.


Other than not stopping when directed, this incident involved no serious traffic violations and was simply the low speed following of a car that would not pull over.


When finally stopped by the police Mr. Leone COULD NOT comply with the orders of the arresting officers to exit his vehicle with his hands up because one of the officers had blocked Mr. Leone’s door with his patrol car.


Mr. Leone sat calmly in his driver’s seat with both hands on his steering wheel, smoking a cigarette. Mr. Leone was tasered multiple times through his sun roof even though he did not display ANY threatening behavior whatsoever.


Mr. Leone was then forcibly removed through his passenger door and repeatedly beaten, kicked and tasered while not even attempting to defend himself.


The Senior State Police Officer is clearly seen jumping from Mr. Leone’s car roof and intentionally stomping Mr. Leone with both of his feet and all of his weight while Mr. Leone is face down on the ground.


Mr. Leone was repeatedly beaten by out-of-control State Troopers before and after he was handcuffed and also after he was hog tied. Numerous non-authorized maneuvers were used against Mr. Leone by the arresting Officers including the punching in his face with a closed fist by one of the Troopers.


This punch caused the Trooper to break his own hand on Mr. Leone’s face. Mr. Leone was subsequently charged with a felony charge of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer for using his face to break the Troopers hand (I am not kidding).


There has been a high level cover up of this entire matter by the Pennsylvania State Police Office of Integrity and Professional Standards as well as the Prosecuting District Attorney of Bradford County Pennsylvania.


The Judge who heard this case also appears to have a great deal of culpability as demonstrated by some very biased rulings during Mr. Leone’s trial as well as some other very questionable business connections within Bradford County.


More on this will follow.


Please watch the entire video and then pass it along to everyone and anyone you know.







The FBI, US Attorney’s Office, and the Justice Department in Washington, DC all have copies of this documentary. But for the grace of God this could have been any one of our family members.


I especially shudder to think about how we have instructed our spouses, children or grandchildren to never be pulled over by a police officer in an unlit or unpopulated area but rather to continue on to a well-lit gas station or parking lot.


Exposure is our key to the correction of this atrocity.


Mr. Leone, the victim in question, has bipolar disorder, and became confused when a police cruiser tried to pull him over for no reason. In his mind, he hadn’t done anything wrong, so he thought the police were going to some other emergency. Again, Mr. Leone had done nothing wrong to warrant being pulled over.


The police were attempting to pull him over because his vehicle matched the description of a vehicle involved in a minor fender-bender that had occurred earlier. So even the police acknowledge that he had done absolutely nothing wrong to warrant being pulled over. It also turns out that the police never filed a report about that fender-bender, which calls the veracity of the fender-bender story into question. All evidence points to the police going on a unhinged rampage because the slave *cough*, I mean citizen, did not immediately pull his vehicle to the side of the road.


For his grievous sin of not pulling over, Mr. Leone was beaten into unconsciousness. All evidence suggests that Mr. Leone was fully compliant with all other orders that were given to him.


The video is so long because he was beaten repeatedly, AFTER he was hogtied and in police custody, so there is a lot of information to cover.


The video, with moderation by Larry Hohol as well as the un-moderated version are both on Youtube. The first video shows a few minutes prior to when the officers stop the car, the first beating and contains audio of what happens in the back of the car. The un-moderated version is much longer and it has the entire low-speed chase. I caution you not to allow small children to view the video.


If the graphics do not enrage each viewer then the audio surely will. Remember, Robert Leone could have been your son, your brother, your father or friend. No matter what this man was stopped for he certainly did not deserve what he received in MY UNhumble opinion.




Un-moderated version:





Larry Hohol of Florida has been exposing cases of corruption within the United States for a few decades. A former Pennsylvania police officer himself, he has seen the corruption in the work place. As a citizen of the United States Larry shares what he learns with the public.


He wrote a book titled ‘The Luzerne County Railroad‘ that details some of the corruption within that county based on facts. He saw the cover-ups first hand in his county. Hohol also shares some other corruption cases that he has knowledge of over the years since he has been researching.


Currently Hohol is exposing a police brutality case that shocked not only residents of Bradford County Pennsylvania, but people around the nation. He likens the case of Robert Leone to the case of Rodney King. The beating of Rodney King in 1991 sparked the infamous riots of LA in 1992. The beating of Robert Leone was just as severe but has sparked a peaceful rally within the county where it occurred.


When Mr. Hohol heard the story of Robert Leone and became outraged. He exposed that dirty little secret to our community on his web site. On his web site, in mid June 2012, he posted a youtube video of the dashboard cam detailing the crime. Residents viewed the dashboard cam of the ‘arrest’, with commentary by Mr. Hohol. In the final days of June 2012, Mr Hohol released an un-moderated video on this case.


Now I ask you America….is this type of un-provoked brutality, from our “serve & protect” professionals, something we Americans going to accept?



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  1. In my eye’s the cop’s that did this are murderers and deserve life in prison, who know’s what else there getting away with off the camera….How is this guy still even a cop? after all this? i mean he nearly killed a guy on camera beat him in multiple places, he’s no diffrent then the murders and rapist you see in prison plz him get this murder off the street and in prison where he belongs!! peoples life’s are in danger as alone as these men walk the street’s!!


  2. Why has no one, including the FBI, DOJ or ACLU, been involved in prosecuting these out of control cops? These bad apples need to be defrocked and thrown in prison for the crimes they committed.


    • My thoughts are that there are so many injustices worldwide daily, that people just don’t know about the case by case events. If the FBI, DOJ, ACLU don’t know of each individual case it can’t do much. Remember, if not for video, who would have known about Mr. Rodney King?

      Once these coward cops are revealed then we the people must act to make DOJ, FBI, ACLU responsible to take action. As in the Trayvon Martin case.


    • I suspect the troopers must be Union members, black, or donors to the Obama campaign for Eric Holder not to prosecute. White victims are really not victims afterall, right?


      • it’s a state legal affair, stupid. The feds are investigating, the legal chain of command prohibits the DOJ to get involved in state legal issues until it goes UP the legal chain of command. if you were not busy watching Dukes Of Hazard, you’d be educated enough to know these things.


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