George Zimmerman/Sean Hannity Interview In It’s Entirety


By Jueseppi B.









Entire George Zimmerman Hannity Q & A. Major News: First Time Talking To The News!

Here is George Zimmerman’s news Q & A on the Hannity Show, that was on Fox News on July 18, 2012.

This is big news since all we have heard on the national news is coverage of things from Trayvon Martin’s side, or a media perspective. This is the first time George Zimmerman has appeared on the news and subjected himself to questions.

So what do you think, does George Zimmerman convey the impression of an innocent man, or is he lying?





So Mr. George Zimmerman believes it was God‘s plan that he murder an unarmed 17 year old Black male based on that Black youth wearing a hoodie and being Black in “HIS” neighborhood. This God that racist evil nasty fucked up caucasians follow…..I’d like to meet him.


This media platform for this lying bag of turtle feces is disgusting. This white boy got his ass handed to him by a 17 year old and resorted to pulling an illegal hand gun to save him from getting his ass whooped. Zimmerman bought a hand gun to a fist fight.


May he die/fry in a botched attempt at killing him in the electric chair. That is the justice I want for this killer.


Justice 4 Trayvon.




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  1. I think he is not believable. the opposing attorney won’t be able to lead him like Hannity. it sounds like george has trouble remembering his lines.


    • He is a liar, 2012 will go down in history as the year of the liar. Mitt Romney and his entire campaign and George Zimmerman


  2. It seems to me that George Zimmerman has just confessed to murder for the whole nation to see. This should be used against him.
    It’s really simple. George Zimmerman had no business confronting Trayvon to begin with. He had been told not to follow him; he approached him anyway; when asked what his problem was he didn’t identify himself as a “Neighborhood Watch” member with a legitimate concern.
    He reached in his pocket for his cellphone?
    First of all; he is more than likely lying about this.
    If I was stupid enough to approach a person to demand their reason for being where they are; and that person turned and said “what’s your problem?”; the last thing I or any person with any common sense or training would do is reach in my pocket. Such an action could not avoid being seen as a threatening action when made by a person(not a cop) confronting you in the rain; in the dark; and saying “I don’t have a problem”.
    Yes if I were Travon; I would have punched him too to keep him from going for what I could ONLY believe was a gun or knife.
    As I say; in all likelyhood; in this situation; George was probably lying about the cell phone. He probably was going for his gun.
    That’s what I would have done in George’s situation too.

    The difference is that I would never consider it my business to follow Trayvon anywhere. If I saw Trayvon walking through my neighborhood; I would have nodded, smiled and said, “Hey, how you doing man?”
    Then again I’m not a SELF APPOINTED neighborhood watch man who carries a handgun during the “watching” he does.
    As far as I can see; George is not a Neighborhood Watch guy. He’s a neighborhood follow, harrass, judge, and execute guy.

    Someone; georges attorney I think said this may have been just a big misunderstanding.
    I think he’s right.
    I think george didn’t understand how to mind his own business.
    He didn’t understand how to do the job he had appointed himself to.
    He didn’t understand that the first thing he should have done was to identify himself.
    He didn’t understand that Trayvon Martin had every right to walk through that neighborhood.
    He apparently didn’t understand that this isn’t 1960.
    And George didn’t understand that the entire nation would be so outraged at the slaughter of an innocent teenager by a gun toting wannabe.

    George says he feels that his murder of Trayvon was all part of God’s plan.

    He might be right.

    If your god is a large Red Dragon.

    I have to wonder if George will feel that it’s all in God’s plan when they throw the switch on HIM.


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