Your stories are too funny. I sincerely hope that was your goal….to be funny. Great post.

Two Different Girls

I have to tell you about my trip to the Buck Horn in Goldsmith Texas.

My first real job, after college, was working for a Very Large International Oil company which owned one of the many natural gas processing plants near a burg called Goldsmith (which I wrote about here and here a few months ago).  On the main street, there is a rundown place called the Buck Horn Bar & Grill. Back in 1982, when I first worked in the area, the plant manager told me to never go in there, as “it is a bit rough” and that he would not go in himself. And he was a 6-4″ strapping guy. It’s not one of those old, quaint places filled with character. It’s a dive.

Fast forward 30 years, and I’m once again doing some work in the area, and drive by this place frequently. On weekends, it’s…

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