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George Popa!

( Photo credit: George Popa)

”I stayed true to my first love,” Hannah’s soft voice droned on and I was held spellbound by the simple life she’d lived. A life of dedication in the face of outright betrayal.

”I fell in love the first time I saw Michael,” and her face soften at the memory with traces of a smile lurking at the corner of her mouth, ”my dad worked for the KGB then, he’s now retired, he was  absolutely furious when he knew I was dating ”an alien.”

My eyebrows shot up at the ‘alien bit’ and she laughed when she saw the expression on my face.

”A nonRussian is an alien to my dad,” she explained and continued, ”when it was obvious our relationship would face outright persecutions, we fled Russian and came to London, got married and life was good. It was rosy for the first five years…

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  1. As for whomever follows Barrack Obama, that will be a downgrade regardless. Obama is on a level with Washington and Lincoln. His leadership has been that courageous and that profound. Even by diversifying the pool of candidates it will remain difficult to find leaders like that… people like that are exceedingly rare. Like the sighting of a comet. They are just fit for the times in which they live and they lead accordingly.


  2. All of this Hillary talk for 2016 is depressing. I prefer to enjoy 4 more years of enlightened and common sense leadership before we bring the Hillary Clinton clown car back into the ring to face the latest Bush rendering.


    • I can’t believe I am finally hearing someone voice my opinions about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Electing Ms. Clinton to the Office Of President Of The United States, after having 8 years of Barack Obama & Michelle Obama, will be like eating a meal of fried chicken feet & beer after enjoying a glorious dinner of Chateaubriand with a bottle of Rothschild 57.

      I have never been a fan of The Clinton’s, it’s because of Bill’s penis we had to endure 8 years of Dubbya….nobody would fight for more Democrats in the White House after Bill’s escapades in the Oval Office. BUTT Hillary is the exact opposite of Barack.

      I do, however want to see a woman as President Of these United States….just not sure which one I like yet.


      • Thanks for the mulligan, Mr. Jueseppi. Old age is taking it’s toll on my point and click skills.

        I’m not a Clinton fan either. I would have voted for McCain in 2008 if Obama had not come on the scene. I was skeptical of him too at first. But when I saw his speech from Springfield, I knew this was the guy for the job.

        I don’t care what color or gender the next president is, but the Dems can do better than Hillary. She is a bright and ambitious woman who has cultivated a following riding her husbands coattails, but she is not a leader. Not in my book.


      • I think it’s time for a mother, a woman, a thinker and a female who has a maternal instinct. A woman who will take care of Americans needs and care for us like our mom’s did back in the day. Thats my unhumble 3 cents worth. 😯


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