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The ObamaCrat.Com™ Soapbox: Has America Gone Batshit Crazy?

By Jueseppi B.







On Michele Bachmann:





For this walking, talking piece of turtle feces to retain her seat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is exactly why I will never take jack shit the Congress does, seriously. Congress is full of caucasian racist dumbasses, proof of this, is this $3 Ho, & John McCain & Lindsey Graham. Need I say more? How in the holy Hades can a 3rd rate whack job such as Bachmann be even allowed to whisper “House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence”, let alone BE A MEMBER of this committee, is beyond my comprehension.


Rewarding fear, hate and stupidity.


Well actually – that pretty much describes the Republican Party.


You can keep telling yourselves that people like Bachmann are the extreme. Then ask yourself. Why did those people get 30%+ in Republican Presidential polls 2 years ago? (See Bachmann, Cain, Trump, Santrorum)


Why does the Republican leadership keep putting these people in leadership roles?




On Christopher Jordan Dorner:






Ok, Mr. Dorner appears to have a legitimate beef with the LAPD concerning his Board Of Inquiry hearing and that BOI result, which led to his termination. I’ll give him that much. But any sane thinking human who defends his massacre of innocent humans because he got fired….well you are just plain stupid.


You don’t avenge getting dismissed from employment by killing people. What dumbass would defend that action? Believe me, in the sick twisted world of social media, Mr. Dorner has his supporters, those “Samuel L. Jackson” up folks who say he was wronged, therefore they see his point of view.


Hey dumbasses….his “point of view” is killing people because he got shitcanned from being a law enforcement professional.


Here’s a thought: If Dorner was dismissed, terminated, fired….because he was not fit to be an LAPD officer… his actions alone, to that dismissal, which includes him killing folks, MAYBE THE LAPD WAS RIGHT!!!!


This insane fool was/is unfit.


No conspiracy theory here folks….Christopher Jordan Dorner is a raving lunatic with assault weapons. Defend him if you will, but lets see your defense when you are face to face with this mentally challenged asshole.


The LAPD did NOT create this problem. The United States Military created Christopher Jordan Dorner.




On this drone issue:






I am sick to death of hearing & reading all you pansy ass whiners going on & on about drones and innocent loss of life. I am equally disgusted by these so called Obama Supporters using this drone issue to lay blame at President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama‘s, sainted feet.


Drones have been in use since 2002….did you crybabies complain when the caucasian POTUS was ordering drone strikes? OR, did you just start to object when the Black American President started using the drones? You weren’t screaming about innocent loss of life when past POTUS used bombs to kill enemies during war….bombs dropped from manned aircraft…but using drones makes you concerned?






POTUS Obama is NOT “targeting US citizens” with drones. If you believe he is, then you ARE A Faux Spews Follower. And an idiot too boot.


Due process does not apply to combat operations, technically it’s martial law. Read the laws regarding combat in America. Get Informed. The use of drones and other methods of war are none of America civilians business…..get pissed over assault weapons & handgun deaths in AMERICA, on AMERICAN STREETS before worrying about drone deaths in foreign lands.


What the military does, and how it accomplishes it’s objectives in war, is out of your hands. Idiots such as John McCain know this, being retired military himself. Uncle Sam don’t tell you much, and that’s as it should be….war is a very private thing when it comes to information released to the public.


Here’s a suggestion… don’t want innocent human life taken during war….STOP ALL WARS FROM OCCURRING  WORLDWIDE. 


In the meantime, cease all your dumbass bitchn about the casualties of war. Remember this….no nation fights a war to make peace or save lives. Wars are fought to take human lives. Think about it America, then wake the “Samuel L. Jackson” UP.





















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  1. Well, dammit, there goes my next ten posts. THANK YOU! Been struggling about all these issues and everything I start to write starts to ramble insanely. There is a small bird on my shoulder who also agrees. Little pest just pooped on me. I don’t know what that means.


    • I am so sorry Matt….but I couldn’t stomach all this insanity going around me. So I climbed my lazy butt on my soapbox. As for that bird on your shoulder…..feed it cheese and it clogs up the poop chute.😯


  2. “massacre of innocent humans?” Where, I didn’t see any. He knows exactly who he’s shooting at. Granted that cop’s daughter and her fiance or husband come closest to being innocent, but I’ve no doubt it was reciprocity. He’s making her dad feel the loss lpossibly because that same cop did this to someone else’ child and got off through an “internal investigation,” grand jury ruling, or verdict of innocent by an all-white jury.


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