MJ Turns 50


By Jueseppi B.






Michael Jordan is the single greatest basketball athlete to lace up a pair of Jordans.


I have been blessed in my lifetime to watch 3 of the greatest athletes play in three major sports, all three played in Chicago, my hometown in the States.


Walter Payton for the Chicago Bears in football.


Ernie Banks for the Chicago Cubs in baseball.


Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls in basketball.



Following are a few excerpts from an ESPN piece on MJ turning 50:







CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Five weeks before his 50th birthday, Michael Jordan sits behind his desk, overlooking a parking garage in downtown Charlotte. The cell phone in front of him buzzes with potential trades and league proposals about placing ads on jerseys. A rival wants his best players and wants to give him nothing in return. Jordan bristles. He holds a Cuban cigar in his hand. Smoking is allowed.


“Well, s—, being as I own the building,” he says, laughing.


Back in the office after his vacation on a 154-foot rented yacht named Mister Terrible, he feels that relaxation slipping away. He feels pulled inward, toward his own most valuable and destructive traits. Slights roll through his mind, eating at him: worst record ever, can’t build a team, absentee landlord. Jordan reads the things written about him, the fuel arriving in a packet of clips his staff prepares. He knows what people say. He needs to know, a needle for a hungry vein. There’s a palpable simmering whenever you’re around Jordan, as if Air Jordan is still in there, churning, trying to escape. It must be strange to be locked in combat with the ghost of your former self.


Smoke curls off the cigar. He wears slacks and a plain white dress shirt, monogrammed on the sleeve in white, understated. An ID badge hangs from one of those zip line cords on his belt, with his name on the bottom: Michael Jordan, just in case anyone didn’t recognize the owner of a struggling franchise who in another life was the touchstone for a generation. There’s a shudder in every child of the ’80s and ’90s who does the math and realizes that Michael Jordan is turning 50. Where did the years go? Jordan has trouble believing it, difficulty admitting it to himself. But he’s in the mood for admissions today, and there’s a look on his face, a half-smile, as he considers how far to go.


“I … I always thought I would die young,” he says, leaning up to rap his knuckles on the rich, dark wood of his desk.


He has kept this fact a secret from most people. A fatalist obsession didn’t go with his public image and, well, it’s sort of strange. His mother would get angry with him when he’d talk to her about it. He just could never imagine being old. He seemed too powerful, too young, and death was more likely than a slow decline. The universe might take him, but it would not permit him to suffer the graceless loss and failure of aging. A tragic flaw could undo him but never anything as common as bad knees or failing eyesight.


Later that night, standing in his kitchen, he squints across his loft at the television. His friend Quinn Buckner catches him.


“You gonna need to get some glasses,” Buckner says.


“I can see,” Jordan says.


“Don’t be bulls—-ing me,” Buckner says. “I can see you struggling.”


“I can see,” Jordan insists.



The entire article can be found at ESPN.




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  1. People can say what they want – but – there’s been nobody like him (yet). And – if someone should come along – he’s got some big basketball shoes to fit!😉


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