Cabbage doesn’t have to be boring. Thanks Stash.

The Spamwise Chronicles

So many vegetarians I talk to all say the same thing:

“I like rice and beans, but…”
“I eat too much cheese…”
“Breakfast/lunch/dinner looks like a steam table at some cheap buffet…”
“Another stir-fry/tofu/tempeh/seitan/fake meat thing?”
“I don’t live on salad alone…”
“Steamed vegetables? I don’t want ‘healthy’…I want ‘exciting’…”

This is a trap that everyone falls into, even professional chefs. Until fairly recently, the mere idea of a vegan or vegetarian gourmet restaurant was a flight of fancy not seriously entertained by New Yorkers. Vegetarian tasting menus were boring meatless meals that lacked spark and imagination. All of that began to change towards the end of the last decade. In fact, the dialogue seems to have shifted from seeing vegetarians as the enemy, towards “what’s delicious?” That, in my opinion, is a more interesting conversation to have.

Yet, I remain dissatisfied.

Jersey left a comment the other day, that…

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